Operations - Curriculum Development

Curriculum Developer (Golang)

South Jakarta, Jakarta
Work Type: Full Time

Job Description: 

  1. Working with teams to create lesson plans and materials for each subject area, including textbooks and other instructional materials.

  2. Research and Do Developing assessment tools to measure students’ progress throughout the batch

  3. Working with instructors or curdev teams to identify areas of improvement for each student

  4. Analyzing data from surveys and focus groups on determining which subjects need additional attention or revision

  5. Deliver lesson plans, and homework assignments as instructors to use in class

  6. Coordinating with instructors or curdev, principals, engineering empathy, career teams, and other staff members regarding the development of the program.

  7. Developing new teaching methods that align with new technologies and approaches in education


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or related fields

  2. 1-3 years of experience hands-on experience in developing and testing Go apps on Back-end Web Development for medium to large-scale applications

  3. At least 1-year experience in education and teaching or creating educational content

  4. Having a good understanding of Algorithms & Data Structures

  5. Strong knowledge of Go programming (language, paradigms, constructs, and idioms) & Go frameworks (especially Gin and channel patterns)

  6. Experience with Object-Oriented Programming, RESTful, API, JSON/XML/HTML protocol, ORM, and Database Technologies: MySQL,Postgre SQL,MongoDB

  7. Familiar with developing learning paths/modules/syllabus

  8. Having the experience to deploy applications ( AWS for back-end)

  9. Experience with developer tools such as Git, GitHub, Command-Line, and PostmanFluency and experience with unit testing for Go.

  10. Passionate in teaching and education especially in IT subjects for adult learners (professional/fresh graduates)

  11. Strong communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills

  12. Excellent critical thinking and analytical skills

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