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Data Engineer Instructor (Part-Time)

South Jakarta, Jakarta
Work Type: Part Time

As an Instructor, you will help in teaching and guiding students through their learning process. You will be expected to review, explain the project, and help students with project work. The Instructor will also guide the students to understand what they should be working on, reach their project goals, and are understanding concepts in the curriculum for being able to teach. 


Job Title: Data Engineering Part-Time Instructor

Category: Part Time



1. Be able to teach the course content

2. Lead in-class exercises, and project time, and participate in lecture discussions

3. Motivate students to move through the challenges of learning a new skill


  1. Bachelor's Degree or above in Information Systems, Computer Science, or related fields
  2. Min. 3 years of experience in Data Engineering
  3. Experiencing data engineering and cloud data processing services (AWS and Google Cloud Platform)
  4. Knowledge of SQL and Python, other languages are preferred (PySpark, Java)
  5. Good understanding of ETL tools (Airflow, Glue, Dataflow, and data modeling)
  6. Able to create data visualization with Tableau
  7.  Interest or experience in Big Data technologies (Hadoop, Talend, Hive, Spark, Data Bricks, Snowflake) 
  8.  Experience with Data Warehousing and Analytics Solution Architecture

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