Campus Operations

Student Counselor & Engineering Empathy

South Jakarta, Jakarta   |   Full Time
  1. Provide a consulting service to help students organize their plan, thoughts and feelings about their goals, gain insights, guiding them in making decisions about their career and focus on what they need to do to achieve their goals.
  2. Encourage students to discuss feelings, emotions, understand the issues and deal with stressful situations during the programs.

  3. Building preventive actions related to students' learning motivation.

  4. Collaborate with instructors on assessing and identifying students with problems during the programs.

  5. Collaborate with other Hacktiv8’s team related to the technical problem that students are facing (Drop out process, financial problem, etc.).

  6. Conducting and coaching soft skill and personal development class for students every week

Qualification :

  1. Bachelor's degree in psychology, counseling, guidance, and counseling, or any related fields.
  2. 1-2+ years of working experience in career development, counseling, coaching, or other related fields
  3. Effective communication skill
  4. Master several counseling techniques
  5. Can creating analysis report and presentation


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