Campus Operations

Curriculum Developer and Instructor

South Jakarta, Jakarta   |   Full Time


Responsible to develop the curriculum through positive approaches, planning and preparation of schemes of work, monitoring of learning and teaching across the Curriculum Area and the support and development of staff.

Key Responsibilities 

  1. Develops syllabi that clearly outline the course requirements, rationale, goals, and objectives.

  2. Collaborate with operation manager to supervise the work of Newly Qualified Teachers within the Curriculum Area.

  3. Advise in matters concerning staff replacements and instructor’s selection criteria.

  4. Evaluate and observe learning process/instructors (visit class/seat in).

  5. Ensure that Curriculum is effectively delivered to students of all abilities and the needs of students are met.

  6. Ensure that proper evaluation after class are set up and monitor the quality of the evaluation (final project).

  7. Monitor and evaluate schemes of work and update as appropriate Initiate Curriculum discussion and ensure that there is constant review of teaching approaches and subject content, so that students can progress within school and when they leave.

  8. Performing evaluation at the end of every program to gather feedback and inputs for quality improvements.


  1. Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Information System, or other related disciplines
  2. Have work experience for at least 3+ years as developer or programmer

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