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Javascript Instructor

South Jakarta, Jakarta   |   Full Time

HACKTIV8 is a “web development bootcamp” that transforms beginners into full-stack web developers in 12 weeks. We believe anyone can learn to code as long as they fully immerse themselves and follow our three agreements of integrity, kindness and whole self.

At HACKTIV8, Instructor lead by example, demonstrating their passion for learning and their commitment to a high standard of excellence. Being an Instructor at Hacktiv8 is more like being a adventure guide or triathlon coach than a follow-the-textbook style instructor. Instructor lead discussions, guide inquiry, pair program with students, support students in their projects and challenges, provide feedback to students and each other, and collaborate with our curriculum team to facilitate improvements to our curriculum.

Successful Hacktiv8 Instructors are also able to emphasize the meta-skills and core concepts of software engineering, teaching students more than just how to code - teaching them how to learn. We think teaching is challenging, meaningful, and exceptionally fun. If you're up to the task, come join us.

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